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a portion of every sale goes to a variety of local nonprofits that support communities

nurture yourself & cultivate relationships


Thought provoking designs made to be seen, felt and heard.


Highlighting our similarities and celebrating our differences.


Support community with small acts that create positive change.


Feel safe, supported and seen by others


Love what you do, what you wear, and who you are!


Transmute vulnerabilities into strength and empathy


Ensure products have foundation of being heart centered


Prioritize eco-friendly and socially conscious suppliers


Use stories and imagination to inspire supporting each other

In supporting community we want to be conscious not to harm others during the:

About Us

Canvas Collective is an apparel brand that is heart centered with creativity, interconnectedness and compassion at our foundation. The designs are uniquely tailored to showcase the groups we collaborate with, spark inspiration and be simple yet eye catching. 

What do we believe in?

We are fiercely dedicated to cultivating a movement of self-authenticity that inspires people to be creative and open. We believe through different perspectives we can broaden our awareness and empathy. Creating a positive community that is not limited by station, past or opinions.

People are so much more than just the boxes and identities that we and others put on ourselves, we invite ourselves and you to not limit your worth, skill or expression

Everyone is a creative and we hope to inspire individuals through our stories to follow their dreams and empower them to get out of their comfort zone 

How do we give back?

For every partnership we donate a portion of proceeds back to groups and make a commitment to volunteer, educate ourselves, spread awareness and facilitate events.

Donated four hundred meals for Seattle Children’s hospital with Fine Dine Frontlines

Instructed an art class for Soldier Readiness Unit using creativity as a tool for expressive processing 

Collected over one hundred art and sports items for Washington state youth at pro rugby game 

Instructed an art class for women’s and men’s Seattle Rugby Clubs focused on emotion

By sharing our story of triumphs and hardships, choosing vulnerability and authenticity, we hope to normalize a community that accepts all that you are.
Canvas Collective LLC
Canvas Collective LLC

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